Hudson Hot Air Affair

In late January we decided to drive to Hudson, Wisconsin for the Hudson Hot Air Affair. They invite A TON of hot air balloons to come to Hudson for a weekend of fun. It’s typically the first weekend in February, but they moved it up this year because of the SuperBowl. Throughout the festival, they have hot air balloon take-offs, a vendor/craft show, a parade, discounts at local businesses and more. We decided to get up early in the morning on a Saturday and drive there to see the big balloon lift off! The balloons truly depend on the weather- it can’t be too windy, in fact in has to be under 6 MPH! I was nervous we were going to drive the 45 minutes for nothing, but luckily they did take off :) I happened to be standing next to a local who told me this was the first time they’ve actually taken off in the morning in 13 years?!?!

It was super fun to see all the hot air balloons take off and fly away in the distance. Let me warn you- it was COLD, which made it just a little less fun. Summit was amused but I think a little too cold to really understand the hot air balloons and the excitement around him. We stopped into the craft fair after the take-off, mostly to warm up and then headed to Keys in Hudson. We never miss an opportunity to eat at Key’s Restaurant :)

I would definitely recommend the Hudson Hot Air Affair to anyone- it was fun even though it was cold! It was really a once in a lifetime experience to see all the hot air balloons taking off. I didn’t even have words for it at the time- it was completely breathtaking. We’ll definitely be back next year! Maybe it won’t be as cold ;)


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