A Day Trip to New Ulm, MN

This past weekend we decided to take a little day trip to New Ulm, Minnesota. New Ulm is about an hour and 45 minutes away from the Twin Cities, making it the perfect little getaway! Not too close and not too far away! New Ulm is know for it’s German heritage and Schell’s Brewery. Those two facts are probably flipped…. let’s be real- everyone knows New Ulm = beer!

We got on the road a little after 10am and took the scenic route on 169. The ride was chill and I enjoyed passing by the Renaissance Festival and Minnesota’s Largest Candy Shop in Jordan. It wasn’t open (that’s ok because I always buy too much there anyway) but it looks like they might be adding on to the building again. I can’t wait to check it out this spring!

Schell's Peacock Hannah and Summit Grainbelt On Tap Matt and Summit Schell's Peacock by Office Door

After an uneventful drive and a super narrow, windy road- we made it to Schell’s! We parked and walked in to check out the free Beer Museum, because I am all about anything FREE. It turns out you can’t try beer there without taking a scripted hour-long tour. I don’t know about you, but taking a toddler on a boring hour-long tour sounds like an awful version of hell to me. We decided to skip the tour (and save everyone else from our screaming toddler) and walked around the grounds. We spotted the peacocks right away, if you know me- you know I LOVE peacocks! They weren’t friendly or mean, just in between. I guess I would be too if I lived outside in the winter ;) At that point we were all getting hungry so we waved goodbye to the peacocks and hit the road again.

New Ulm Happy Joe's Summit and Matt New Ulm Happy Joe's Summit and Matt Game New Ulm Happy Joe's Summit and Matt Ticket Machine

During our drive, I was utilizing google and found an interesting place known for it’s taco pizza. Happy Joe’s is a family friendly pizza and arcade chain. Any millennials remember Circus Circus Pizza? Happy Joe’s really reminded me of that, minus the animatronic band. (The Rock-afire Explosion band, I will never forget you! Those were the good ole’ days!). Anywho- we tried the cheese pizza and a taco salad. It was SUPER delicious! I loved the vibe; there were 2 birthday parties going on filled with hungry and tired adults along with hyper and happy kiddos. Summit loved the little game room and was super into this game with the wheel. He was surprisingly really good :)

From there we headed downtown to check out the shops and learn a little bit about the town. Right away we found Herman the German’s footprint. It would have been a lot of fun to see the actual statue but it’s not open until after Memorial Day… we walked up and down main street, pausing to stop into Antiques Plus- a fun multi dealer shop with sweet prices and Bookshelves & Coffeecups- a used books store that also served coffee. We also found this awesome coffee cup mural made out of actual cups. COOL!

New Ulm Coffee Mug Wall New Ulm Summit Ave Matt and Summit

From there we wanted to check out Summit Ave. We always try to take pictures of Summit with things that share his name… kind of weird, but one day maybe he will enjoy all the places we adventured to? This Summit Ave had a similar feel to the one in St. Paul, except this one was an actual side of a mountain so the name made sense.

On the way out of town we found this random house that had plexiglass horses in the yard. Of course, I begged Matt to pull over! The horses were so random and fun. The Mankato Free Press actually wrote an article on Arnie and Velma Schweiss and their fun yard. Apparently they have 6 fake horses, pigs, chickens, gnomes and more. We will have to come back once the snow melts :)

New Ulm Broadway Horse New Ulm Broadway Horse and Hannah

New Ulm was a fun little day trip! I have a feeling the town really changes after Memorial Day, as it seemed a little boarded up in the winter. I don’t know that I would go back to Schell’s Brewery because beer isn’t really my thing, but I would love to check out Morgan Winery or one of the town’s famous festivals. I’m still glad we went though- there’s nothing better than a day spent on the road with my favorite guys <3


New Ulm Broadway Horse

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