Red Wing, MN

Back in January Matt and I went on a date weekend to Red Wing, Minnesota. I have no idea why it is one of my most favorite places, but it really is! I love the historic downtown area and the awesome antique stores in the pottery building. I think it’s one of the best getaways in MN!

We stayed at the St. James Hotel located in the heart of Red Wing. It’s a block away from the water and there are a lot of shops and things to do nearby. Plus- they have a couple restaurants and shopping located inside. It would be the perfect place for a winter getaway- you’d never have to leave the building!

We stayed in the Lily Room. I definitely wanted a “fancy” feel since we were only staying one night :) Our room was awesome, although it did feel a bit haunted… did you know many people think the St. James is haunted? I would have to agree I felt something a bit spooky there, although I was never scared or anything. Construction was originally stalled on the building because they found a Native American burial ground. I don’t know if that’s really true or not at this point, but talk about a spooky beginning to this place! The wife to the original owner: Clara is said to be haunting the hotel now. She is super particular about the place and lots of current and former employees have run into her. There’s lots you can find online about the hauntings, if you want to look :) And of course I purchased this cool book called Mysterious Minnesota in their gift shop. I’d highly recommend it, if you want to learn more about haunted places in Minnesota.

We had a fabulous time relaxing in our room, exploring the hotel and eating dinner at The Port. It’s in the bottom floor of the building and definitely resembles a cave. I believe the bar actually came from a speakeasy in the 1920s. The food was good and the company was even better! I really enjoyed having a fancy dinner out with Matt without our toddler grabbing our attention. I definitely missed Summit, but it was nice to have some adult time!

The next morning we had the breakfast buffet at The Veranda in the St. James. It was ok- I would recommend breakfast at Bev’s Diner over The Veranda any day! Then we walked around the downtown area, making stops at the Red Wing Shoe Museum (everyone needs picture with the largest boot, right?), Duluth Trading Co. and MY FAVORITE DONUTS EVER- Hanish Bakery. This is literally my favorite place for donuts, people and I’ve tried a lot of donuts! Go early if you go because they tend to sell out of things as the day goes on.

One thing to note about Red Wing is that they are kind of old school and lots of places aren’t open on Sundays. I would recommend going for a Friday-Sunday weekend so you don’t miss out on any of these fun stops.

On our way of out town, we stopped at the Anderson Center outdoor sculpture garden. It’s a really neat sculpture walk… maybe don’t go outside when there is a foot of new snow on the ground and it’s only 15 degrees… It was cold but we still had fun!

On our way back home we stopped in Cannon Falls. Two years ago I got Matt a Minnesota Wine Passport - it was seriously one of the best gifts ever! It costs $25 for the passport and you get 10 free tastings at wineries across Minnesota and a few in WI. Tastings are usually $5-$10 each so you save a lot of money by getting this passport. It’s been fun for us to bring it along on our adventures- you never know when you will run into a winery ;) Of course we stopped a local bar for a quick bite and I ran into a few antique stores. Poor Matt— he always says yes to my antique store requests!

We had a great weekend in Red Wing. There is SO much to do there! We will definitely be back again in the near future- there’s a lot more to explore in that fun, little town.


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